About Ultra Aesthetics

At Ultra Aesthetics, we pride ourselves in the absolute purity of our products. By manufacturing supplements and skincare products free of compromising ingredients, we can assure you the best possible results. We believe that if you are looking for natural solutions to overall wellness from the inside out, then you should be putting all natural products in and on your body.

Not only are all of our products pure, but our ingredients are of the highest quality. In order to end up with a product that is pure and effective, we start with the best ingredients available.

From our skincare to our supplements, you can always be sure you are getting a product of Unsurpassed Quality and Absolute Purity, that will give you Amazing Results.

Unlike the majority of supplements sold in health food stores, Ultra Aesthetics’ products are completely additive-free. Additives include binders, which are glue-like substances used to form powdered nutrients into tablets; flowing agents and lubricants, which are used to assist the flow of nutrients through the manufacturing process; fillers, which are additives possessing a “fluffy” quality that make capsules look uniformly full; as well as coloring agents, coats, glazes and flavors. Additives generally have little or no nutritive value. The simple truth is additives help save manufacturers money, yet do nothing to improve the efficacy of dietary supplements. Because tablets are much cheaper to manufacture than capsules, manufacturers may compromise the purity and effectiveness of their products by coating herbs and nutrients with glue-like binders and then running the mixture through a tableting press. Since the tableting process requires placing herbs and nutrients under literally tons of pressure, the contents of your nutritional supplement are exposed to heat and subject to damage in the same way overcooked foods can lose their nutritional value. Conscientious manufacturers will try to use nutritive substances, like amino acids. The objective of taking a dietary supplement is for the herbs or nutrients to break down and be utilized by our bodies.

Additives do not facilitate this process. In fact, they can do the opposite. The best supplements promote the quick uptake by the body of the nutrients they possess. They do this by being in a form that the body can easily assimilate so it can access the herb or nutrient and expose it to processes that will ultimately lead to the nutrient taking part in cellular metabolism.  While some people are sensitive and may react to some of the additives used by many supplement manufacturers, the most unfortunate fact regarding additives is that they may inhibit the body’s absorption of the herbs or nutrients.  Additives place an unnecessary burden upon the body; the burden of excreting a substance that never had any nutritive value in the first place. 

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