I have been in full time private practice as a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 30 years working with individuals with a multitude of concerns; whether they be physical (overuse, misuse, abuse, - injury), or emotional (mental or physical stress).

Doing what I love, helping literally many thousands of individuals over the years has taught me much about skin - skin care.

Skin, being the largest organ of the body, influences how we feel about ourselves, our self confidence, our self esteem, from its outward appearance. And it reflects outwardly what's going on internally.

After seeing Dr. Perricone on PBS and thoroughly devouring his books on the science of anti-aging, has inspired me further in the pursuit of body and skin care. I found it difficult - to impossible - to find quality, pure and affordable anti-aging skin care products for my own use. When I discovered the products I offer here, and began to offer them to my clients at Therapeutic Massage of Sedona, the response was overwhelming. Others too had been searching, to no avail.

Since I never offer to my clients anything I don’t believe in 1000%, I used these products personally to experience first hand their effectiveness. I knew I was on to something when those who hadn't seen me in over a couple months, remarked how alive my facial features seemed. Those I see on a regular basis mentioned that they couldn't “put their finger on it”, but my over all appearance seemed more “vibrant”. The fine lines around my eyes and mouth began to fade - and especially those rumpled looking wrinkles around the base of my neck also began to substantially diminish! The spider veins on my thighs that I’ve had since I was about eighteen years old have nearly disappeared. (Those on my right thigh have disappeared - those on my left are difficult to find!) I attribute this dramatic effect to alpha lipoic acid - taken internally and applied as a topical skin moisturizer.

Having been an outdoor enthusiast my whole life, and an outdoor adventure leader for many years, I have an intimate understanding of the importance of sun protection. My husband and I also own and operate Canyon Outfitters, an outdoor clothing and hiking, camping & climbing gear retail store in Sedona, AZ. Through the outdoor industry, we are continually kept up to date on the latest research and development in technical and sun protective clothing. We offer SPF rated quality casual clothing (shirts, pants, zip-off convertible pants) for men and women. Top name brands such as ExOfficio, Marmot, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, Sierra Design, and Lowe Alpine to name just a few, can be found in our store (or ordered directly from us).

Our passion for the outdoors has compelled us to make it our life - and we wish to bring to you the best of the best products at the most reasonable price possible. We bring to you the opportunity, the solutions, that will enhance your life, your well being, therefore your happiness.

Making the commitment to treating your body with respect, influences greatly how well you age. Begin now to embrace a healthier, supple, dewy, clear and even skin. Look and feel as vital as you believe you really are.

Welcome to an exciting venture toward your wellness and health!    
— Holly M. Stedman

How often do you, the first thing in the morning, look yourself in the mirror and say, “Gee, I look great!”?

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